María Jesús Ambrona

Law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid.


Master in Telecommunications Law from the Pontifical University of Comillas-ICADE of Madrid.


Master Access to the legal profession by legally UCM School Practice


Lawyer in exercise of the Bar Association of Madrid.


Practicing referee Administrative Manager for Administrative Managers Association Madrid.


Her professional development began as Coordinator of the Housing Information Office of the City of Madrid and Coordinator of the Rent Plan of the Community of Madrid, which has achieved wide expertise in the field of Civil Madrid-Real Estate Law.

Aeris Consultants S.L. She allowed him to accumulate a wealth of experience in the field of land agencies, actively participating in its day.

Specializing in adaptations of Companies, Professionals and Communities of Owners to the rules on protection of personal data, and the LSSI.


She has participated as a speaker at numerous courses and seminars advice on housing, meeting on Electronic Commerce and Data Protection Act.

She is currently more focused on recovering complex loans, managing a commercial debtor portfolio and researching real estate assets, effectively defining strategies, optimizing resources, attending to the process of claiming, tracking and coordinating debts.


Her method of work is based on a relationship of constant and transparent communication with its customers. Comprehensive services, global and personalized approaches, informed at all times of the development of procedures enabling knowing in advance the necessary resources, and facilitating decision-making.